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Assistance with technical inspections

Technical Support

Avinco’s team consists of four qualified aeronautical engineers who have a detailed understanding of the technical intricacies of large commercial aircraft to support the company’s placement and sourcing activities. Avinco’s in-house technical director is responsible for all technical activities, principally project management of inspections and maintenance tasks relating to aircraft. Avinco routinely coordinates detailed technical inspections and assists in preparing aircraft deliveries and maintenance activities.

To assist airlines with potentially costly aircraft phase-ins and phase-outs, Avinco provides a specific inspection and overview service to minimize the costs and operational disruption caused by such transitions. For inspections and overseeing maintenance services, Avinco’s technical director coordinates a team of trusted and qualified consultants specifically experienced in:

    •   Aircraft records
    •   Airframe structures
    •   Systems
    •   Material procurement
    •   Engine shop visit management

Additionally, Avinco has long experience in technical and maintenance service contract negotiations and has over the years put in place general terms agreements with certain airframe and engine manufacturers. This crucially allows Avinco to access technical and support information which is often only available to operators and established lessors.

Technical consultancy

Our clients can call on us to evaluate the condition of all or part of an aircraft and the state of its records and translate these evaluations into a concise and easy to explain format for internal distribution. Avinco can also manage aircraft deliveries to clients, supervise technical preparations, airframe and engine checks and reconfigurations.

Key Technical Services Offered:

    •   Periodic technical condition inspections
    •   Engineering/maintenance planning
    •   Maintenance project management
    •   Provision and management of subcontracted on-site personnel
    •   Documentation management

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