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Avinco is also a lessor.

Avinco offers helicopters available for operating lease for our own account:

Offshore AS332

We have been listening to our customers’ growing demand for leasing solutions.  Many of our customers see the financial and operational advantages of leasing versus buying a helicopter or helicopter fleet.

Gone are the days of expensive maintenance, ownership tax burdens and residual value risk.

Avinco’s portfolio is an ideal resource for finding a quick turnaround solution for clients who need to honour contracts or participate in tenders. Avinco offers greater flexibility to its customers through operating leases in terms of adjusting to changes in technology and capacity.

Should you require helicopters outside of our portfolio, our network enables us to structure leasing solutions anywhere in the world, with our trusted partners, OEMs and customers.

Avinco Leasing services:

  • Short and Long term Operating Leases
  • Facilitated  lease extensions
  • Full maintenance

Click here to read more about helicopter leasing from Avinco.


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