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Why should you come to us to sell your helicopter?

Avinco is the key to placing your helicopter fast, and efficiently. And there are several ways of doing so.


Unlike most, we buy assets for our own portfolio and are constantly looking for new acquisitions. Avinco can give a second life to your aircraft by reconfiguring it from one mission type to another and proposing it to a more buoyant market and/or region.

Sell your helicopter

If Avinco is not in a position to acquire your helicopter, we will propose it to our extensive network of contacts and partners, confidentially or publicly, depending on your choice or circumstances. Our team of experts is there to assess the market value of your aircraft and advise you on the best way to sell your aircraft.


Why Choose Avinco?

  • We play a crucial advisory role to our customers
  • We will facilitate the complicated process of selling a used Helicopter every step of the way, in any part of in the world

But don't just take our word for it:

‘We are very pleased by our collaboration with Avinco.  Since we started working together in 2009, Avinco have helped CHC manage and modernize our fleet by selling helicopters that we have retired – and in the process enable our customers to regularly go further and accomplish more.”

Eoin Anderson
Director Fleet Transactions
CHC Helicopter


Avinco also offer sale and lease back solutions to its customers who wish to dispose of an asset and keep operating the machine for a period of time. An increasing number of our customers look to move helicopters off balance sheet, whilst honouring on-going and future contracts. Avinco routinely acquiers machines for its own portfolio and structures leasing contracts for its customers.

Sale and leaseback transactions can also be proposed to our network of contacts looking for assets worldwide.

For the past 10 years, Avinco has averaged 40 successful transactions a year worldwide per year, and has strong and long-lasting relationships with its customers.


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