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Depending on your needs and structure you may choose to outsource all or part of the processes to do with your Helicopter. Our team is here to deliver tailor-made, turn-key solutions to meet your needs.Through our in-house technical department and with the support of industry partners throughout the world, we provide any or all of the following services to our clients, anywhere in the world :

Helicopter Appraisals

We can help you:

  • to establish a value for your helicopter before putting it on the market
  • to obtain an independent valuation to compare with an asking/offered price
  • to provide third-party valuations (financial reporting)
  • to determine a market value for leasing purposes 

Technical Audits

Call on us to carry out technical audits to establish the condition of your pre-owned helicopter and documentation. We can provide a comprehensive and independent report to third parties ensuring:

  • base condition of the pre-owned helicopter and documentation is established and at redelivery or lease
    DIGIT 03791end any asset depreciation is within the contractual parameters (Asset Valuation).
  • pre-owned helicopter operator/lessee meets all contractual and aviation regulatory requirements
  • monitor the pre-owned helicopter and operator during lease period to ensure contractual and regulatory compliance (Asset Protection).
  • lease end inspection performance  at redelivery to verify the pre-owned helicopter and its documentation is within contractual parameters.
  • The pre-owned helicopter is ready for immediate remarketing

Technical Inspections

We regularly perform pre-purchase technical inspections to establish:

  • the airworthiness and condition of the pre-owned helicopter meets the market value and clients expectations.
  • completeness of the pre-owned helicopter documentation
  • the pre-owned helicopter and documentation is compliant to the client’s respective aviation regulatory body for importation. 

We also carry out technical acceptance Inspections to ensure:
  • all deficiencies found in the pre-purchase technical inspection have been completed.
  • the pre-owned helicopter and documentation is in accordance with the contract of sale.
  • perform flight test to ensure airworthiness
  • all relative airworthiness certificates are current and in accordance with contract of sale

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